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SDK overview

SDK overview

Cognite has a large number of Software Development Kits (SDKs), both adapted to specific programming languages and to specific use cases. All Cognite SDKs are open-source and available on Github, and contributions are welcome.

Types of SDKs and toolkits

The SDKs are split into three types: the general SDKs for interacting with the Cognite Data Platform, the SDKs for interacting with the Cognite Data Fusion platform APIs giving you access to the common functionality of the platform, the core resource types, and the management of data. The specialized SDKs that offers a more tailored experience for specific tasks or areas. And then finally, the industry SDKs that exposes more industry-specific functionality.

Our SDKs and toolkits have a special target group in mind based on the language and what they are meant to be used for. This means that functionality will be exposed slightly differently in the different SDKs, and not all SDKs will have the same functionality.

Support and maintenance

The two main generic SDKs for CDF are the Python and the JavaScript SDKs, for primarily backend and frontend respectively, but the Python SDK is also used from the Jupyter Notebook and Streamlit-powered web experiences, and the JS SDK is used from Node.js.

The Python SDK is the most mature and feature-rich SDK with the most users, but all the SDKs listed here are actively maintained.

Most of the SDKs and toolkits are community-supported with contributions from Cognite engineers, and we encourage you to contribute.

General SDKs

Specialized SDKs

Industry SDKs


CLI tools


Please contact your Cognite representative if you want to know about the Service Level Agreement (SLA) relevant for your subscription related to features and bugs in SDKs and toolkits.