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The cdf_demo_infield package is a fully working demo for Infield with sample data. It is also a good starting point for production projects.

The recommended use is to start out with this package for all Infield deployments. If you have a data dump that you want to use instead of the Open Industrial Data sample data, you can copy the cdf_oid_example_data into a new module and then change the transformations to load your own data.

You can also replace the static data dump with data from data pipelines.

See Stepwise guide to Infield for more information.

CDF_DEMO_INFIELDA fully working demo for Infield with sample data
cdf_auth_readwrite_allDefault access group for the cdf-tk tool
cdf_oid_example_dataExample data from Open Industrial Data
cdf_apm_baseBasic data models for Asset Performance Management (APM) projects, including Infield and Maintain
cdf_infield_commonCommon configurations for Infield that are only needed once per CDF project
cdf_infield_location ⓂⒺPer location configurations necessary when setting up a new location for Infield