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Introduction to the Python Data Modeling SDK Generator, Pygen


The Python Data Modeling SDK Generator, pygen, is currently in beta, which is reflected in the version number 0.99.x. Beta indicates that a product or functionality is in a mature testing phase, but is still subject to change or retirement. We will provide a deprecation notice a minimum of two months before retiring the product or functionality. We recommend not using the product or functionality in production systems.

Pygen is a python package and a command-line interface (pygen) used for generating Python SDKs from Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) data models.

It can be used for different purposes:

  1. As an exploration tool to discover existing data models and the data in them. This is the typical way to use the tool for development and iterations on a development project.
  2. For building solutions on top of data models. It gives a common interface to work with data models in Python for a developer or developer team.
  3. For data population of data models. It can be used to populate data models with data from other sources.

For more information, see the Where to Start section in the documentation.