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Use the API

RESTful web API

Cognite's RESTful web API enables you to access resources in Cognite Data Fusion. To read or write to a resource, you construct requests that look like this:{version}/projects/{project}/{resource}?query-parameters/


  • HTTP method - The HTTP method used on the request to Cognite Data Fusion.
  • {version} - The version of the API your application is using.
  • {project} - The project identifier for the resources in Cognite Data Fusion that you're referencing.
  • {resource} - The resource in Cognite Data Fusion that you're referencing.
  • query-parameters - An optional set of parameters to change the request or response.

When you make a request, Cognite Data Fusion returns a response that includes:

  • Status code - An HTTP status code that indicates success or failure.
  • Response message - The data that you requested or the result of the operation. The response message can be empty for some operations.
  • Pagination - If your request returns a lot of data, you need to page through it by passing the value of nextCursor as the cursor to get the next page of limit results. For details, see Paging.

HTTP methods

Cognite Data Fusion uses the HTTP method on your request to learn what your request is doing. The API supports the following methods.

GETRead data from a resource.
POSTCreate a resource, or perform an action.
DELETERemove a resource.
PUTReplace a resource with a new one.
Standard MethodHTTP MappingRequiredHTTP Request BodyHTTP Response Body
CreatePOST <collection URL>YesResource listResource list
ListGET <collection URL>YesN/AResource list
FilterPOST <collection URL>/listNoFilter objectResource list
SearchPOST <collection URL>/searchNoFuzzy search for objectsResource list
GetGET <collection URL>/:idNoN/AResource
RetrievePOST <collection URL>/byidsNoList of IDsResource list
UpdatePOST <collection URL>/updateNoResource listResource list
DeletePOST <collection URL>/deleteYesList of IDsN/A


See API versioning to learn more about supported API versions, policy for backwards compatibility, and the end-of-life schedule for the APIs.


Projects are used to separate customer environments from one another, and all resources in Cognite Data Fusion are linked to a project. A customer can have one or more projects. The project object contains configuration for how to authenticate users.

Automatically assigned object ids are unique only within each project.


Your URL will include the resource or resources you are interacting with in the request, such as assets, files, events, and timeseries.

See About resource types and the resource reference topics for more information about resource types.

IP addresses for the API

The IP addresses for the APIs aren't static and will change as the architecture evolves and the service offerings extend. We will do our best to keep the changes to a minimum.

If you want to limit outbound traffic to Cognite Data Fusion only, the IP addresses for the current multi-tenant Cognite Data Fusion clusters are:

ClusterURLIP addresses
Europe-west1-1 (GCP)api.cognitedata.com35.187.184.117,
Westeurope-1 (Azure)westeurope-1.cognitedata.com20.73.203.191
Eastus-1 (Azure)az-eastus-1.cognitedata.com52.151.200.252
Asia-Northeast1-1 (GCP)asia-northeast1-1.cognitedata.com35.200.31.145

For the IP addresses of dedicated Cognite Data Fusion clusters, contact Cognite Support.