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Migrating sequences from API 0.6 to v1

If you have been using sequences in API 0.6, the information in this article helps you migrate to API v1.

Compatibility between sequences in API 0.6 and API v1

In API 0.6 (experimental) you can use two methods to reference a column within a sequence:

  • Server-generated identifier: id
  • User-selected string identifier: externalId

externalId is optional as it's a secondary method for selecting a specific column.

In API v1, we've simplified the interface and removed the support for server-generated numeric identifiers for individual columns. Instead, externalId is the only method of referring to a column, and it's required to set externalId when the column is created.

All sequences that have been populated through API 0.6 are visible and accessible through API v1. For sequences that contain columns that do not have externalId set, there are limitations when they are accessed through API v1:

  • When reading sequence rows, you can't reference columns that don't have a value for externalId when using the columns filter to narrow down the results to a few specified columns. The externalIds of the columns are the input to the filter. Instead, don't set the columns filter to include all available columns, including the ones that don't have an externalId.

  • You can't write new values to columns that don't have externalId specified.

You can remove the above limitations by adding missing externalIds for the columns through the API 0.6 update functionality.

Populating missing externalIds

To help you migrate sequences from API 0.6 to API v1, we've created a script to populate missing externalId values for the columns. The script iterates through all existing sequences in the project and populates columns that don't have an externalId value based on the following logic:

  • The value of the name field in the column, if set and unique within that sequence, will be used as a new value of externalId.
  • In cases where this isn't possible, externalId is set to a string representation of the id field in the column ('2097989012658435').

API 0.6 is available until it's end-of-life. Until then, you can create new sequences without externalId and remove externalId from columns through updates. Please upgrade your application to API v1 before migrating.


  • Python 3.6+ installed
  • API key with write permissions

Install and execute following the script (linux/osx):

pip3 install cognite-sdk --upgrade

export CDF_API_KEY='service_account_key'
export CDF_CLUSTER=''
export CDF_PROJECT='project_name'

wget && (python3

Example script output:

id: 2720292949875996, externalid: my_sequence_1
Old: [None, None]
New: ['2097989012658435', '2656409469663491']

id: 3520439212334506, externalid: my_sequence_2
Old: ['1', '2']
New: ['1', '2']

id: 3561998335932037, externalid: my_sequence_3
Old: [None, '1']
New: ['7138246020156091', '1']

id: 5925823286705379, externalid: my_sequence_4
Old: [None, None]
New: ['1', '2']

id: 6867380525453381, externalid: my_sequence_5
Old: [None, None]
New: ['5630460103221073', '6609088840271556']

Note: Script is also available through GitHub repository.